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Mimi’s new SDK provides out-of-the-box audio personalization. Easily integrated and fully customisable, the SDK has been designed to deliver a seamless user experience across the iOS and Android platforms.

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We’ve created our most seamless UX yet for you to bring intuitive & engaging personalization to your native apps. View the documentation.

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Integrating Mimi

Mimi’s solutions are developed to bring personalized audio wherever your users listen. Our processing runs in your audio stack, with personalization powered by your application. Easily access, implement, and launch for seamless integration of our core technologies.

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Mimi is ever-expanding to new CE products and verticals. Mimi integrates with leading silicon platforms and OS’s to reach the most users and markets. Audio experiences are rapidly evolving and Mimi is built to reach them.

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Get access to our test tools and assess your integration. Our pre-built test app & integration resources allow you to explore our functionality, and evaluate your Mimi UX.

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Get the MimiSDK and bring Mimi’s personalization into your product. Our technologies are loved by users, proven by partners, and ready-to-integrate.

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Through its partnerships Mimi audio personalization is being integrated into the products and brands users already love. With over 100,000 Mimi-enabled products sold since 2017 and an ever-expanding partner base, Mimi’s integrations are creating personalized audio experiences, intuitive applications, and award-winning products.

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